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Amadeus Freedom

Terms and Conditions


  1. The Amadeus Freedom Loyalty Club, managed by Amadeus Gulf L.L.C, referred to hereinafter as ‘Freedom’, is a customer loyalty club for the purpose of awarding ‘Points’ to ‘Members’ of Freedom in accordance with a pre-defined points calculation based on the number of bookings created by the Member through the Amadeus GDS platform, and subject to the conditions and restrictions set out below. Depending on the number of Pointsawarded to the Member, the Points can be converted into ‘Rewards’ in accordance with a pre-defined calculation and delivered via a method as determined by Amadeus Gulf L.L.C.


  1. Membership to Freedomis available to all natural persons who have been assigned a personalized Amadeus GDS platform sign-in, and who hold active employment with a travel agency currently and actively contracted with Amadeus Gulf L.L.C.
  2. Freedomhas a one off subscription fee of AED 75.00. Amadeus Gulf L.L.C charges no on-going fees for Membership.
  3. Any eligible natural person wishing to join Freedommust complete an online application available on the Amadeus Gulf L.L.C website and submit all required documents online at the time of application.
  4. All applicants are deemed to have read and accepted the Amadeus Freedom Loyalty ClubTerms and Conditions, a copy of which is available online and upon written request from directly Amadeus Gulf L.L.C.
  5. Applicant details must be honest accurate. All fictitious applications will be rejected and appropriate legal action will be followed.
  6. Only one Membership application per person, per travel agency will be accepted. Should you change employment to another eligible travel agency; a new online application will be required.
  7. Amadeus Gulf L.L.C reserves the right to refuse Membership to any person who does not meet the requirements for participation in Freedom.
  8. Once accepted and validated by Amadeus Gulf L.L.C, all Members will be assigned an E-account number and a unique Memberusername and password, thereby allowing online access to Freedom. E-account numbers and usernames will be required for any inquiry concerning the Member’s account. It is the responsibility of the Member to keep a record and maintain these details. Failure to do so could lead to suspension of the Member’s account until written notice is sent to Amadeus Gulf L.L.C by the concerned Member, with all supporting documentation showing previously accepted and validated Membership, after which account suspension can be lifted at the sole discretion of Amadeus Gulf L.L.C.
  9. It is the Member’s responsibility to maintain their contact details at all times. Any change of contact details should be updated by contacting Amadeus Gulf L.L.C on and providing the relevant details. The Member guarantees the correctness of all provided contact information and shall be solely responsible for any erroneous, incomplete or out-of-dateinformation.
  10. 11. Freedommembership takes effect from the date the applicant is accepted and validated by Amadeus Gulf L.L.C. Any bookings made prior to club application will not be eligible.

Points and Rewards

  1. The Point is the unit of calculation for Freedom and is acquired exclusively when using the Amadeus GDS platform by making ticketed bookings.
  2. Subject to any performance targets, Points are converted into Rewards subject to the value as contractually agreed with the travel agency with whom you hold current employment. E.g. If a Member has 10 ticketed bookings in a period, and the Member’s employer has contractually agreed to a rate of 1.5, then the Member will have 15 Points available for Rewards.
  3. Upon successful application into Freedom, a personal account is opened for each Member, to which Points are awarded. The account, and the Pointsawarded to the Member, cannot under any circumstances be transferred, bequeathed, assigned, sold or combined with, whether or not for valuable consideration, with the account or the Points of any other person, whether or not that person is a Member of Freedom, or with any other account belonging to the Member (except as otherwise laid down in provisions notified to the Member).
  4. Pointswill be converted into Rewards periodically anddelivered either via a prepaid debit card or via any other method deemed appropriate by Amadeus Gulf L.L.C.
  5. 16. Amadeus Gulf L.L.C reserves the right to change the intervals at which Points are converted into Rewards. This is currently set as monthly.
  6. Amadeus Gulf L.L.C reserves the right to debit the account of any Member who has been award Points in error.
  7. Amadeus Gulf L.L.C reserves the right to amend the conversion calculation of Rewards to any Member or group of Members under various promotional campaigns of limited duration, after which the calculation of Rewards will revert to that as converted before the limited duration promotion.
  8. Points not converted into Rewards expire after 12 months or when the Member ceases employment under which they originally made application into Freedom.
  9. Points that have been converted to Rewards will expiry as per the validity of the prepaid debit card.
  10. Once Points have been converted into Rewards, they cannot be used again.
  11. Statements of accounts are provided to the Member on the basis of his or her activity in Freedom. Amadeus Gulf L.L.C reserves the right to change at any time the intervals at which such statements are provided.


  1. Any Member, as determined by Amadeus Gulf L.L.C, to have abused Freedom by manipulation of the Amadeus GDS platform, by fictitious application details, by multiple applications or by any other means, will have their membership cancelled and will be prohibited from joining Freedom in the future. Legal action will be taken as required.

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